Short film "Prisoners of Eden" (2012)

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Participation and award
Kiniplot Laurel 2012
Deboshir film Laurel


Saint Anna Participate


Kini-likbez Laurel


Cinema under the Star 4 - Special Diploma


TV "Benefit"


Prisoners of Eden poster  Semyon is a sometimes vinous soviet intellectual. Ones awake he sees an angel, who tells him about an early death. Perhaps the only future for him is hell. But what if angels are not as saintly as we think? What if they are wrong about our destiny?
Synopses in French

  Semion Nikiforovitch est un intellectuel sovietique. Un matin il s'est reveille apres une veillee usuele qu’il passa avec ses copains et il a decouvert un ange pres de lui. L’ange a annonce la nouvelle de la mort proche du heros. Peut-etre le seul avenir possible est l’enfer. Mais si les anges ne sont pas autant innocent qu’on imagine? Si ils se trompent de nos destins?




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Prodicer, film director Serge Darowski

Screenwriter  Irena Darowski

Director of photography Yuriy Dizorder

Composer Philipp Ginzburg

Sound producer Yuriy Bobkov

Sound recording Sergey Bogdanov


Semyon Nikiforovich Alexandr Rublev

Angel Mitya Tarasevich

Voice-over Boris Dragilev


Thanks for help

Gleb Philippov

Anton Mukhin

Veronika Ivanova

Ekaterina Osipova

Timur Barsegyants

Eduard Rush

Tatyana Silnitskaya

Label mr108


Country: Russian

Year: 2012 April

Time: 8 min 29 sec

Film: PAL DV

Sound: Stereo


Aspect ratio: 16x9

Original language: Russian

Subtitles: English

"Prisoners of the Heaven" is not a reflection of our attitude to the Destiny, but it is the story about the failure of the idealization of our expectations. Even angels could be imperfection, even the Heaven could be a prison.

I hope you'll like this story and you will find the Answer with our protagonist. Thank you.

S. Darowski



Serge Darowski

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