Short film "Yin-Yang" (2013)

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Yin-Yang poster

  At the very beginning it was nothing but the great Chaos with the ripened egg inside. When the time came it was broken letting out the first Human. He picked up the shell. One part became the sky - clean and bright “Yang”, another part became the ground – dark and moody “Yin”. So our beautiful world was born.

  From now on everything is connected: light and dark, creation and destruction, the Man and the Woman. As soon as He and She meet each other, the trap of composition of contradictions shuts. Everything is obeyed the Universe Low according to the only step can turn your life to death, or white to black. It calls Yin-Yang.



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Film director,producer Serge Darowski

Screenwriter Irena Darowski

First assistant director Alexander Rublev

Director of photography Gleb Philippov

Composer Philipp Ginzburg

Film Editor,color correction Alexey Fedorov

Compositor Timur Barsegyants

3D Modeling Andrey Zhurkov

B-camera Victor Patyukov

Make up Julia Klementyeva

Set Designer Mikhail Lomov

Casting Veronika Kameskih

Assistant Director Veronika Ulyanova

Firs Assistant Camera Anton Firsov

Construction Coordinator Alexander Veselov

Still man Daria Petrova


HE Alexandr Razbash

SHE Victoria Zhukova


Thanks to

Julia Kuznetsova

Studio "Nonexistent floor"

Sergey Meyjer

Vladimir Demyanov

Narine Arzumanova

Dmitry Lobov

Georgy Porotov


Country: Russian

Year: 2013 February

Time: 3 min 14 sec

Film: HDTV

Sound: Stereo


Aspect ratio: 16x9

Original language: no voice, only music

“Yin-Yang” is just a hint to reflection. Trying to find an answer in the dark of future. Spark of thoughts between darkness and light.

I hope you'll like this story and you will find the Answer with our characters. Thank you.

S. Darowski


Serge Darowski
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.