Zalmoxis - short film



A young photographer Igor Silnitsky is returning home after work. On the way, he is talking to his sister over the phone. He tells her about the strange photographs he was developing and printing for his client. It seems to him that an image of a ghostly Shadow was captured in those photographs. As soon as Igor enters his apartment and the front door closes behind him, the lights go out and his phone stops working. Trying to illuminate the room using his camera, in bright flashes of light Igor sees not his apartment, but a wild forest, where in between the branches he notices a white-eyed Shadow. With every new flash of light, the Shadow is getting closer, until it reaches Igor, who is paralyzed with fear. The shadow of the ancient god Zalmoxis is the last thing Igor sees in his life.





Film director,Producer: Serge Darowski

Screenwriter: Irena Darowski

Director of photography: Taras Vaganov

Film edit, color correction: Andrey Sadov

Composer, Sound producer: Evgeny Zhenin

VFX-designer: Stepan Vasilyev

Drone cameraman: Ivan Kireev

Camera operator,Gaffer: Arseniy Grigoriev

Production Designer: Victoria Kim

Makeup: Svetlana Strashkova

The first A.D.:  Anna Nevzorova

Assistant DoP: Oleg Nikolenko


Igor: Oleg Kursachev

Shadow: Oleg Zhuravskiy

Oxana (Voice): Irena Darowski


PR: Maxim Stoyalov


Photographer: Liubov Muzychuck

THANK TO: Ivan Kozlov,Victor Makov