Sinipsys: The “Buffalo Head” bar is a place hidden in the most secluded corner of our planet - in the brain of a test bioroid. It is here that a bio-implant designer, a pastor, a hacker, a bartender, a talking horse-detective, and a hooker meet each other. None of them remembers how they ended up in there, but all of them are sure that they met for a reason, and they are not wrong about it. These peculiar individuals turn out to be the souls of real people transferred inside the bioroid as a result of a secret experiment.

   Trapped in one body, they end up in the epicentre of the confrontation of two powerful organizations – a post-Christian Church of Neorenaissance and a techno-religious organization Absolut. They will have to learn to cooperate to survive and gain personal freedom.

 Realised: 2021

 Art-director: Serge Darowski

Screenwriter: Irena Darowska

 Artist:Oleg Zhuravskiy

Color: Nika Akilova




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