Bioroids: HU DA BOSS?

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 Sinopsys:Somehow, while chasing malicious kidnappers terrorizing the entire Xenopolis, a cute hundred-year-old old woman got caught in the police network.

 Addition info: The idea for this novel was developed for an almanac of short stories within the Bioroid universe. The author of the idea, and wrote an application for it, Irena Darowska, script by Serge Darowski. All this was embodied by the artist who draws the main series of Bioroids - Oleg Zhuravskiy. Header caption by artist Yuri Neko.

 Art-director, screenwriter: Serge Darowski

 Artist:Oleg Zhuravskiy

 Based on idea: Irena Darowska

Realised: 2022

Rated:: 12+

Pages:: 4

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